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The Zwijndrecht’ H. Crosschurch originally was built in Roman architecture (12th century). Traces of it can be found in the southern part of the church (village side). In 1525 the choir was built in gotic style. A considerable enlargement of the church was realized in 1927-1929 with the raising of the present nave and the left side aisle.

The adoration of the H. Machutus, from the beginning of the 16th century onwards, comes yearly to a head around Whitsun. This Saint has been invoked against paralyses, rheumatism and mental diseases.

The H. Crosschurch entirely has been patronized by the Royal Order of june,11 1976.

(Copyricht municipal council Zwijndrecht)

There is too much to do and to see in Antwerp! Therefore we propose you to consult the calendar, in which you can find the most important events per trimester and the highlights of this year and the years to come.

Splendid water citadel situated in a vast park of 9 ha. The oldest part of this pearl in the architectural patrimony of Beveren dates from the beginning of the 15th century.

In 1966, it was bought by the municipality Beveren and in 1971, it was protected as a monument. The castle was restored and is now part of the culture centre “Ter Vesten”.

Consult the activity calendar for an overview of exhibitions, castle concerts, aperitif conversations, which are organised in the castle.

Also the active Beveren’ lace school is housing here. Double-click for an overview of the local tourist curiosities.

For cyclists; making use of the Sint-Annekesroute, which is passing by in our immediate surroundings, you pass by this splendid castle.

The “Kunstberg” is about being the cultural pounding heart of Brussels. There you can have a taste of music, literature, film, divergent exibitions… and this in a simple manner. A single ticket is enough for a day in this artistic playground.

The “Kunstberg pass” just gives you in the weekend for a day access to the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels, the BELvue museum, Musical Instruments Museum, the ING culture centre, the Congress Hall, the archaeological site of the Coudenberg, the palace of Charles of Lotharingen, the royal library of Belgium. Moreover thanks to the family tariff and special activities for children and young people, families may reckon with a pleasant and budget friendly trip.

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Ghent is a historic city, yet at the same time a contemporary one. The modern daily life of the city’s active inhabitants plays itself out against a gorgeous historical backdrop. In Ghent, they live, work and enjoy life over and over again each day.

A couple enjoys the peace of an authentic beguinage. Parents and children stroll through the traffic-free streets of the city centre. A tourist snaps a photo of the three towers, as so many have before, but just a little differently. A businessman with an iPhone walks along the distinctive Graslei, crosses the Lys and enters his stylish four-star hotel hiding behind a medieval facade. Dozens of pavement cafes invite you to discover Ghent’s specialities. The sun is reflected in the many waterways.

The city is alive and bids you welcome.

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Bruges is a city that will capture your heart. It is a city of human proportions, but one that can never be truly fathomed. Its history has made it great, a fact that garnered it the title of a Unesco World Heritage City. Retaining the mysteries of the Middle Ages and unashamedly exuberant, Bruges has been an international metropolis for centuries.

The city is alive and bids you welcome.

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