Privacy declaration

Privacy and security policy for customer data

As a manager of a small-scale accommodation we receive a lot of people, each with their own identity. It is important that this identity is protected. Everyone has the right to privacy and it is important that you know that the personal information we receive from our guests is handled with the necessary caution.
Further on you can read what information we request from our guests and why we need them. You also hear what we do with your data, how they are stored and how long we keep them.
Information that we obtain is NOT shared with third parties, with the exception of what is imposed by Belgian legislation.

What personal information does B & B collect?
You will stay at B & B and become our “customer”. This means that we need a number of data at a few moments:
contact details (eg last name, first name, address, telephone number, e-mail),
personal details (eg date of birth, nationality),
information about your children if they stay with us (for example first name, date of birth),
your arrival and departure dates / times
your preferences and interests (for example, whether you want split beds, or want to cycle)
your questions / comments / findings during or after a stay with us.
The information relating to persons under the age of 18 is limited to the name, place and date of birth. This information can only be provided to us by an adult.
We do not collect sensitive information, such as data on race, ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, health or sexual orientation. Our website does not place cookies.

When will your personal data be collected?
Personal data may be requested / obtained at different times:
if you request information via the contact form on our website,
if you place a reservation through our website,
if you place a reservation via the website of third parties (example,,
if you request information and / or place a reservation via a telephone or written contact,
if you check in for a stay

If you make a reservation for a stay at Villa Emma on a third-party website, certain information that you provide to them will be sent to us. That business partner may also receive certain data related to the reservation, for their internal purposes (such as statistics) and, at your request, for the management of a loyalty program or marketing.
If you make a reservation on the website of one of our business partners, please take the time to read their privacy terms to understand how these business partners process your data.

With what purposes are your personal data collected?
Your personal information will be used by us in order to:
to be able to meet our obligations to yourself,
to manage the room reservations,
to be able to optimize our services and to be able to respond as much as possible to your wishes and needs,
you send a first newsletter after your departure with information about B & B. You can unsubscribe here immediately if you wish,
to be able to comply with Belgian legislation

What about keeping your personal information?
We do everything possible to keep your data safe in the period that we use it. As soon as this can be done, your data will also be deleted.
We assume that if an information request does not lead to an effective reservation within 1 year, this information is no longer relevant and can therefore be erased.
The Belgian law of 1 March 2007 and the Royal Decree of 27 April 2007 obliges us to keep the guest sheets filled in at check-in for 7 years.
Belgian law obliges us to keep all accounting and tax documents (including the personal details listed on it) for 7 years.
In view of the relevance, all personal details that are included in the reservation are also retained for 7 years.

You have access to your personal data.
You can ask us at any time which personal data we hold of you and you can – or as far as Belgian legislation allows us – adjust or have this removed.
It is possible that changes and / or adjustments can be made to this text over time. Please also regularly take the pool level, especially when placing a new reservation. Please contact the following contact address:

Date: June 25, 2018
Name: R. Van Haute
Address: Polderstraat 238, B-2070 Zwijndrecht

mail address: